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Digital Sound Level Meter( with Datalogger) TSL-06SPD


  1. For Research Purpose.
  2. Verification of vehicle noise
  3. Environmental and community Noise
  4. Noise testing activity to comply with standards and limits.
  5. In factory Noise testing


  1. Low cost, fast response
  2. Datalogging , USB Connection.
  3. 32000 Reading Internal Memory (Data record function).
  4. Color LCD display with backlight.
  5. Temperature measurement
  6. MAX,MIN
  7. Data HOLD
  8. Fast/slow time weighting
  9. Over range indication
  10. Enable/Disable auto power off





  1. Sound level Range:30 to 130dB(Auto Ranging)
  2. Frequency weighting: A/C.
  3. 32000 Reading Internal Memory (Data record function).
  4. Fast/Slow time weighting selection
  5. Max Hold function.
  6. High accuracy.
  7. Bar graph display.
  8. AC/DC function.
  9. White Backlight.
  10. Over / Under alert function*.
  11. Time display
  12. Auto-off function setup.
  13. Low Battery Alert.
  14. Tripod Mount (Tripod not included).
  15. Software, USB Lead, Case & Batteries included.


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