Digital Anemometer (Velocity, CFM, CMM) TAM-02B
Digital Anemometer (Velocity, CFM, CMM) TAM-02B


  1.  Speed of airflow in the atmosphere
  2. Wind Speed Measurement.
  3. CFM Measurement.
  4. In Calibration.


  1. Digital Vane type Anemometer with temperature display & automatic volumetric flow measurement.
  2. The multiline LCD display with backlight
  3. Measuring air velocity air temperature, airflow volume, and wind chill temperature
  4. Air velocity displays in Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/min, Bft
  5. Temperature displays in °C/°F
  6. Airflow displays in ft/min or m/min
  7. Max/Min value measurement data hold for easy reading
  8. Overflow and low battery indication
  9. Auto power off(about 10 minutes)


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Aerosol Generator (HVAC) TAG-01B
Aerosol Generator (HVAC) TAG-01B
Model TMST-01B Has adjustable aerosol concentration output to meet different application  requirements, Air flow rates from  405 to 8,100 cfm for a wide variety of  testing requirements Air flow rates from 405 to 8,100 cfm for a wide variety of  testing requirements.  


1)Convenient Design, Rugged, with easily cleanable construction, wide applications in flow pattern test, air flow visualisation test. 2) Wide applications for humidification in the industry, portable design, Easy to carry. 3) High applicability for dust polluted environments. 4) Applications in cold chain industry, food industry to keep the food products fresh.  


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All in One Environment Meter ( Temperature, Humidity, Lux, Sound)
All in One Environment Meter ( Temperature, Humidity, Lux, Sound)

Model : TM-01SP

Sound :
  1. Applied standard: IEC61672-1 CLASS2
  2. Accuracy: ±2.0dB
  3. Display: 4digts
  4. Resolution: 0.1dB
  5. Frequency response:31.5Hz~8kHz
  6. Measurement range: Auto:35dB~130dB
  7. Frequency weighting: dBA
  8. Microphone: 1/2 inch Electriccondenser microphone
  1. Measurement range: 10~95%RH
  2. Accuracy: ±5RH%
  3. Resolution: 0.1
  4. Data update: 1 time/sec
  5. Maximum value: MAX
  6. Data Hold: HOLD
  7. Power supply: one 9V battery type
  8. Operating condition :-20°C~60°C,10%RH~90%RH
  9. Storage condition: -40°C~60°C,10%RH~75%RH
  1. Measuring range: 0 Lux~200KLux, 0Fc~20KFc.
  2. Spectral response: CIE photopic
  3. Accuracy: ±4% rdg±0.5%f.s.(<10,000Lux)
  4. ±5%rdg±10dgts.(>10,000Lux)
  5. Photo detector: One silicon photodiode with filter.
Air Velocity
  1. Air velocity range: 0.5m/s~30.0m/s
  2. Air velocity accuracy: ±(3%±0.3d)
  3. Measurement units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots,Mph,


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Hot Wire Anemometer(Thermo-anemometer) TAM-05SPD
Hot Wire Anemometer(Thermo-anemometer) TAM-05SPD
The Hot Wire Anemometer is a device used for measuring the velocity and direction of the fluid. This can be done by measuring the heat loss of the wire which is placed in the fluid stream. The wire is heated by electrical current. Air Velosity range : from 0.0 to 30.0 m/s. CMM 0-999900 m³/min (Resolution: 0.001-100) CFM 0-999900ft³/min (Resolution: 0.001-100)

Download Datasheet

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Digital Thermo Anemometer TAM-01B (Portable)
Digital Thermo Anemometer TAM-01B (Portable)
This product titled Anemometer model TAM-01B, is a basic Model for Industrialist for Measurement of Temperature and Air Velocity. This is a very cheap product for Air Industries for their daily measurement.


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Vane(Fan)  Anemometer TAM-02SPD
Vane(Fan) Anemometer TAM-02SPD
This product titled Anemometer model TAM-02SPD is a basic Model with the data-logging feature. Velosity range: 0-45m/s. CMM:0-999900m³/min CFM: 0-999900 ft/min Unit Conversions also avalable in :ft/min,knots, km/h,mph.  


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