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TTH-05SP Thermo-hygrometer with Probe

Model No: TTH-05SP


  1. Humidity Measurement of the chamber, or close area.
  2. To measure wet bulb temperature.


  1. A precision Thermo hygrometer with inbuilt dew point temperature indicator & wet bulb temperature
  2. Dew point and wet bulb temperature
  3. The LCD display, portable meter, and easy carrying.
  4. Resolution of 0.01 % Rh & 0.01 °C.





  1. Humidity Range:0 to 100%RH.
  2. Humidity Accuracy:±2%RH(at 25°C, from 20%~80%RH) ±2.5%RH(for remaining range)
  3. Temperature Range : -40 to 105°C(-40 to 221°F)
  4. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.50°C/ ±0.90°F(at25°C) ±0.80°C/±1.50°F(for remaining range)
  5. Dew point Temperature:-40 to 105 °C(-40 to 221°F).
  6. Wet Bulb Temperature: 0 to 80°C
  7. Resolution :0.01% RH, 0.01°C/0.010°F.
  8. Response Time:%RH:0.5s
  9. Battery Type:9v Battery.


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