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Toxic Multi Gas Detector( 05 Gases Selectable) TGT-08B

Special Features

  1. Waterproof design
  2. 16 bit high-resolution fron end acuision, with 32 bit ultra low power processor.
  3. So2/ o2/ H2S/CO/Co2.
  4. Moduler design. Alarm tone setting.
  5. Adjustable display brightness
  6. Batter display under bright light


  1. With OLED Display, Which is suitable to working Temperature: 40°C to 70 °C.
  2. High Performance 32 bit imported Micro Processor with Low Power Consumption.
  3. High Precision Signal chip, 24 bit ADC. Moduler Design, Different sensor module can be exchanged ( Except ETO Sensor Module)
  4. No need to recalibrate the sensor.
  5. Maintainance time and charge can be saved.
  6. Can Store more than 900 units alarm records data.
  7. Alarm tone can be setup.
  8. Protection grade is IP67. Sensor Self diagnosis function.
  9. Shutdown current(uA): 44.6. Shutdown storage(d): 3503.





  1. Display: 1.92 Inch OLED Display(White)
  2. Gas : 0-10 %, vol/0-20.0PPM, 0- 100ppm/ 0-30% vol.
  3. Sensor type: Electrochemical, catalytic, PID, Infrared.
  4. Sampling Method: Natural diffusion.
  5. Battery: 3.7V, 5000mAh, Rechargable lithium battery.
  6. Calibration : upto 10 points calibration.
  7. Records: Alarm, Operation, fault records.
  8. EX-Grade: Ex-ia IIC T4 Gb.
  9. Alarm mode: Audible, Visible, vibration.
  10. Communication: USB( Bluetooth optinal).
  11. Charging time: Less than 5 hours.
  12. Working time: Combustable less than equal to 10 Hours, Toxic gas less than equalto 10 Hours.


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