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Pressure pneumatic hand Pump 0.8 to 30 Bar

Pressure pneumatic hand Pump is Compact, Light Weight, Hand Operated Combined Vacuum & Pressure Pump with Pressure / Vacuum Changeover option(Pressure calibration made easy).

Its range is -0.8 to 30 bar.

Model : TEPS-01


Download_Instruction Manual


  1. Generation (Range) of Pressure upto 30Bar
    Vacuum upto 0.8 bar
  2. Fine Adjustment Vernier to realize upto 1 mBar Resolution / Sensitivity.
  3. Very Low Leakage rate.
  4. Flexible Nylon Hose (1 Meter) with Swivel Adaptor to connect devices under test
  5. Test Connection Port : 1/4″ (F) BSP; Gauge /
  6. Indicator Connection Port : 3/8” (F) BSP.


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