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Portable Digital Ammonia Detector TGT-04B

Ammonia Gas Detector TGT-04B detector can detect the ammonia concentration from gas in more kinds of environments (volume concentration in ppm). It displays the detected ammonia with a volume percentage in the current environment.


  1. Alarming method: sound & light alarm
  2. Principle of the sensor: electrochemical sensor
  3. Durable years of the sensor: ˜1 years (it can then be replaced)







  1. Measurement range: 0~100PPM
  2. Resolution: 0.1PPM
  3. Measurement error: ±5%+1
  4. Measurement display: 4 digit LCD
  5. Operation temperature:0~40? (32~104°F)
  6. Storing temperature: -10~40?(14~104°F)
  7. Operation humidity: 20%~80% RH (relative humidity).
  8. Storing humidity: 15%~90%RH (relative humidity).
  9. Pressure limit: A standard atmospheric pressure ±10%.
  10. Powersupply: 3×1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
  11. Battery life: about 100 hours of continuous use (when the
  12. backlight is off).
  13. Dimension: 172×51×26 (mm).


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