Liquid Temperature Calibrator (Range -25˚C to 100˚C)

Liquid temperature calibrator is a liquid Calibrator. It is a high precision, best in- class Calibrator for RTD / Thermocouple Calibration.

Model No: EO-25X

Special Feature

1)Easy to Carry, Portable Ergonomic Design.

2)High Precision Best in class Thermal Stability & Uniformity,

3) Large Oil Reservoir & Opening to handle calibration of odd shaped sensors.




1) Temperature Range: -25˚C to 100˚C @ 25 ˚C

2) Display Resolution: 0.1 Deg C.

3) Control accuracy: Bettter than ±0.1 ˚C

4) Thermal in-stability: ± 0.07 ˚C @-25˚C (after stabilization time of 15 minutes).

± 0.08 ˚C @100 ˚C (after stabilization time of 15 minutes).

5) Thermal Non-uniformity (Radial): ± 0.08 ˚C ( after stabilization time of 15 minutes)

6)Thermal Non-uniformity (Axial): ± 0.09 ˚C ( after stabilization time of 15 minutes)

7) Stabilization Time/settling time: 15 minutes after set point is achieved.

8) Time to reach to 100 ˚C from ambient temperature: 30 minutes. Time to reach to -25 ˚C from ambient temperature: 50 minutes.

9) Power supply: 230 VAC @50-60 Hz.

10) Current : 6A Max.

11) Power Consumption: single phase ,1250 Watt maximum.

12) Oil vessel capacity: 0.8Liter 5Cst.(Silicon Oil).

Oil Vessel Dimesions: Depth 150mm , Dia: 60mm 12) Sound: Less than 50 dB

13) Enclosure Metal(MS) Powder Coated 14) Weight: 22 Kg without oil.


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