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Hot Wire Anemometer(Thermo-anemometer) TAM-05SPD

The Hot Wire Anemometer is a device used for measuring the velocity and direction of the fluid. This can be done by measuring the heat loss of the wire which is placed in the fluid stream. The wire is heated by electrical current.

Air Velosity range : from 0.0 to 30.0 m/s.

CMM 0-999900 m³/min (Resolution: 0.001-100)
CFM 0-999900ft³/min (Resolution: 0.001-100)

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  1. Measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow.
  2. Unit conversion of wind velocity, temperature and flow.
  3. Measurement of maximum and minimum wind velocity.
  4. Measurement of Vmax and average wind flow.
  5. Data-holding, storing and deleting function.
  6. Low battery indicating function.
  7. Auto power-off function (power off automatically if no.
  8. The memory of 350 records.
  9. Backlight.
  10. Connection to PC with a USB cable.
  11. Audio key pressing alert.
  12. Large LCD display


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