High Precision Time Calibrator

Time Calibrator model no. TTCG- 01B is high precision time calibrator has built in real time GPS time synchronization, High stability.Best suited for calibration of  Stop watches, Timers, Timer counters, up & down timers, cyclic timers, Server clocks, Real time clocks, Master slave clocks, Office and Industrial Timers, Time Scale parameters of various process instruments, Switching /breaker timers and general high precision timers.

Special Features

1. Built-in real-time GPS time synchronization

2. High Stability & Accuracy time Oscillator

3. Time readability up to 1 milisecond

4. Electrical switching for automatic time calibrations

5. Portable, easy to carry for customer site calibrations


Model No: TTCG – 01B

Download Datasheet

Download_Instruction Manual


1) Range: (HH: MM: SS: SS/1000)

Elapsed time/Up count mode :99 Hrs

Real time Mode: 24 Hrs

Time Resolution: 1 milisecond

2) Time stability: Better than ± 20 PPM at 25˚ C

3) Automatic GPS Synchronization

4) Manual Reset /start buttons with feature of Electric Changeover contact

5) Weight: 905 grams with Antenna

6) Dimensions: 230 mm Length, 145 mm (Height without antenna), Depth 105 mm

7) Enclosure: Polycarbonate IP 67

8) Power Supply: 5 V Through DC adapter

9) Accessories: Instruction manual, Extended Cable 10 Meters with connector (Optional), Carry bag (Optional)


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