Flate Plate Infrared Calibrator/black body( Range -20˚ C to 100˚ C)

The Flate plate  Infrared Calibrator  EDIR-20X(black Body) is a front liner product to calibrate Infrared Thermometers, Infrared Sensors Its range is -20˚ to 100˚ C.

Model : EDIR-20X

Special Feature

1) Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
2) Large flat plate diameter to enable Calibration from a larger and safe distance.
3) Excellent thermal stability and thermal uniformity.
4) Additional provision(optional) for connecting extra reference RTD
5) Covers wide operating range to cater to higher calibration workload.



Download User manual


Video | Performance of EDIR-20X at 37 ˚C


Low Temperature Infrared Flat Plate Calibrator | Model : EDIR-20X | Performance at -20˚C


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