Digital Thermometer with 4 inputs (Indicator) TT-08SP


  1. Temperature indicator for upto 1300 °C.
  2. Applicable with All thermocouples.
  3. Pharma industry.
  4. Process Industry.


  1. Four Type K thermocouple inputs.
  2. Large display with backlight.
  3. Max/Min/Avg reading recording function.
  4. Data hold function.
  5. Temperature unit °C,°F,K switchable.
  6. Auto power off setup.
  7. Low battery indicator




  1. Temperature range(T1-T4):-50 to 1350C.
  2. Accuracy:±[0.015%rdg+1oC(1.8oF].
  3. Resolution:0.1o<1000o;1o>1000o.
  4. Operation temperature:0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F).
  5. Operation humidity:10 to 90%RH.
  6. Storage temperature: -10 to 60oC(14 to 140°F)
  7. Storage humidity:10 to 75%RH.
  8. Power supply: 9V.
  9. Dimension:260*55*35mm.
  10. Weight:190g(battery,four thermocouples included).


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