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TTH-03B Portable Thermo-hygrometer


  1. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  2. In Pharmaceutical Application, In Cool room, Cold room.
  3. In the cold chain Industry to monitor humidity, and temperature in warehouses, Refrigerated Vane.
  4. Mushroom Storage Area.
  5. Hospitals, In Operation Theatre,


  1. Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously.
  2. The memory of MAX & MIN measuring value.
  3. 12 hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable.
  4. Temperature units °C/ °Fchangeable.
  5. Hourly chime and daily alarm clock function.
  6. Clock & calendar function(month and date).
  7. Portable design With a hanging hole can be hung on the wall; With a bracket can be placed on the table.




  1. Material: ABS plastic.
  2. Size: 10.5*10cm.
  3. Color: white,red,blue.
  4. Temperature Measuring Range: -50∼ 70°C / -58∼158°F.
  5. Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C/±2°F.
  6. Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C/0.2°F.
  7. Humidity Measuring Range: 10%-99%RH.
  8. Humidity Accuracy: ±5%RH.
  9. Humidity Resolution: 1%RH.
  10. Power Supply: 1 * 1.5V AAA Batteries
  11. (Included) (Battery color random delivery).


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