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Digital Anemometer (Velocity, CFM, CMM) TAM-02B


  1.  Speed of airflow in the atmosphere
  2. Wind Speed Measurement.
  3. CFM Measurement.
  4. In Calibration.


  1. Digital Vane type Anemometer with temperature display & automatic volumetric flow measurement.
  2. The multiline LCD display with backlight
  3. Measuring air velocity air temperature, airflow volume, and wind chill temperature
  4. Air velocity displays in Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/min, Bft
  5. Temperature displays in °C/°F
  6. Airflow displays in ft/min or m/min
  7. Max/Min value measurement data hold for easy reading
  8. Overflow and low battery indication
  9. Auto power off(about 10 minutes)



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  1. Parameters: Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/mi
  2. Accuracy: ±3%+0.1m/s
  3. Accuracy of Temperature: ±1°C
  4. Air speed: 0.40~30.00m/s.
  5. Temperature Range: -10 ~ 50° C/14 ~ 122°F


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