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Aerosol Generator (HVAC) TAG-01B

Model TMST-01B Has adjustable aerosol concentration output to meet different application  requirements, Air flow rates from  405 to 8,100 cfm for a wide variety of  testing requirements

Air flow rates from 405 to 8,100 cfm for a wide variety of  testing requirements.



1)Convenient Design, Rugged, with easily cleanable construction, wide applications in flow pattern test, air flow visualisation test.
2) Wide applications for humidification in the industry, portable design, Easy to carry.
3) High applicability for dust polluted environments.
4) Applications in cold chain industry, food industry to keep the food products fresh.




1)  Water Mist Output : 7 Liters/hr.
2)  Output adjustable by rotary switch as per the requirements.
3) Ultrasonic, 12 mini modules.
4) Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz
5) Hose Pipe length : 9 feet.
6) Dimensions(LxWxH) : 355mmX 240mm X 320mm
7) Weight: 10 Kg.


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