High Pressure Diffuser
High Pressure Diffuser
Sampling gases at pressures at higher pressure than sea level, such as 25 – 100 psi, is challenging for particle counters. Connecting pressurized air or gas directly to a particle counter can damage the instrument. High Pressure Diffusers (HPDs) are developed to address particle counting in compressed gas. HPDs reduce the pressure of the gas to near to atmospheric pressure by allowing some of the air/gas to diffuse out of the system and allow the particle counter’s flow-metering system to normally function without any chance of damage.

Model : THPD-01B


  1. Economical monitoring of pressurized gases with atmospheric pressure particle counters.
  2. Can be used with Clean Dry Air, Nitrogen, or other non-toxic inert gases.
  3. No moving parts to wear.
  4. Connects vis male 4-VCR fitting.
  5. Exhaust filer prevents possible room contamination.
  6. Mounting clamps supplied.
  7. Stainless steel construction.

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